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♪ 音楽 ♫

Dir en grey ♥

★ [2006.09.10] Family Values Tour // Indianapolis, IN
★ [2007.02.13] Inward Scream // Chicago, IL
★ [2008.11.22] The Rose Trims Again // Milwaukee, WI
★ [2008.11.23] The Rose Trims Again // Sauget, IL
★ [2009.11.20] All Visible Things // Hollywood, CA
★ [2009.11.22] All Visible Things // Hollywood, CA
★ [2010.09.04] The Unwavering Fact of Tomorrow // Denver, CO
★ [2011.12.11] AGE QUOD AGIS // Chicago, IL
2011-12-20 11:35 am

DIR EN GREY - 12.18.11 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL

The Fatal Believer
Rotting Root
Mazohyst of Decadence
Inward Scream
The Blossoming Beelzebub
Inward Scream
Different Sense

The Final

I haven't posted on here on ages, but I want to write my thoughts and memories of this this trip while it's still fresh, and before I go to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tonight, something I've also been anticipating.

Into the Darkness )
2008-11-26 12:09 pm

[2008.11.23] Dir en grey - Sauget, IL

I didn't think I'd care this much about something like this.

Concert report day 2 )

I heard rumors while waiting in line in Milwaukee that they will swing back here early next year. I so fucking hope so. These two days were two of the best in my life. SO much fun. I wanna do at least two dates again.
2008-11-25 12:03 pm

[2008-11-22] Dir en grey - Milwaukee, WI

Concert Report Day 1 )

To be continued in Sauget.

Edit: I just heard that there was a murder near the Rave while we were there on Saturday! This is kind of scary, and I'm wondering if it was the homeless guy in McDonalds who kept asking for our change.
2007-02-14 08:35 pm
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2/13/07 Dir en grey @ House of Blues Chicago

As I'm trapped in Chicago for an extra day... might as well get this out. XD

Live report! Long and possibly incoherent at times! )

Short story: Snow sucks. Snow sucks a lot. Diru rocked. I had Kaoru's pick stolen from my hand. >( Kari found Toshiya's later though. Was about 4/5 rows in front of Kyo. Survived. Watched many people pass out. Had a fucking awesome time!

And I shall now wrap this up before Archer goes nuts and rips my head off for taking so so long on her comp. >> << woo!
2006-09-12 01:09 am

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The complete, detailed fangirly live report:

Cut for what I'm sure will be long... )

If anyone got any good pics from this show, let me know. I'd LOVE to see them.

BEST VIDEO EVAR Bullets and Octane are great, if only for their tour videos, esp this one... XD Die so got smashed after the concert last night. CAUSE HE'S A FUCKING ROCKSTAR BITCH! XD YEY FOR INDY! They appeared to have a good time AND ZOMG WE WERE RIGHT OUT THERE YOU CAN HEAR US SCREAMING WHEN KYO AND TOSHIYA ARE ON THE SIDE OF THE STAGE KSJFLKEJI#( That video made the rest of my night XD <3333333333333

Now off to bed... My videos, while they're mostly good picture wise, have horrible horrible sound thanks to the deafening-ness of the pit. I've got em converted and will probably upload tomorrow! :D

Buah. *dies now*