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As I'm trapped in Chicago for an extra day... might as well get this out. XD

Okay, so Archer's letting me molest her laptop for a while so I can get my live report out while it's still fresh. XD; I spammed with three voice posts in post-concert excitement, due to the fact lj is ghey and it cut off my blathering. XD

Anywho, we (as in me and Kassie) arrived in Chicago on Monday, thankfully before all the snow started. Downtown Chicago was hellish to navigate, but we managed to find our garage and haul our stuff to our hotel... which was right across the street (and river) to the House of Blues. We could see it out our window. >) Fucking sweet. We walked around some that night, went to the Water Tower Place mall, and a few others around (Which all close at 7PM! D:) And then went back to the room, watched the It Withers and Withers dvd, vegged, etc, and went to bed.

We woke up in the morning to... SNOW! And that was a popular theme for this entire trip... It snowed all day of the concert, ALL day, and I talked to my mom back in Indy, to find out they have BLIZZARD conditions, 8D. The last time Indiana saw a blizzard was... before I was born. So over 22 years ago. And of course the first time I get to see one in my life is... the day of the fucking Diru concert. 8D Anywho, thankfully Chicago itself wasn't too bad off... just thick snow all day. We went to Mitsuwa in the morning to pass time, and got back safely. We dropped by the House of Blues afterwards, around 1pm to get our tickets and stuff, and found out THEN that if you had ordered an entree at the HOB restaurant, for lunch, that you could wait inside the place, and be first in line. 8D; We said oh well, got our tickets, walked around to point and stare at the line already formed along the side of the venue, and then walked back to our hotel across the street. We vegged and sat around and got changed and killed time for the... next 5 hours, and didn't go back over to the hob (which was being blanketed in snow and bitter wind ALL DAY!) until the doors were supposed to open at 6. We had to go to the end of the line, which went from hob to the end of the block, all the way around and back to the bridge on the other side over the Chicago river (totally frozen solid). The wind was miserable, but we didn't have to wait very long... only about 30 minutes or so. We talked to some other fans, others who had arrived THAT day. @.@ Brave souls. All the interstates in Illinois/Indiana/Ohio were and still are SHIT, jack knifing semis everywhere, cars in the ditches, accidents galore... everyone was advised to stay off the roads period, but Diru fans persevered. 8D

Anywho, we got in shortly, and got our 21+ wristbands and headed in. We got in line for coat check (fuck if we were keeping them 8D) and dumped those off. We missed Bleed the Dream for this, but they sounded pretty good. We saw them for a bit too, and they were all together okay. We hit merch next, got tshirts and dogtags and wristbands. I bought a poster too (wasn't signed) And then we headed out to the pit. I had said earlier that I had no intention of staying in there.. but we braved it anyways. XD

We started out in the back of the pit, on Kaoru's side. We stood through Fair to Midland and..... my god, they sucked. Well musically they were okay... but the lead singer, with his shaved bald spots? was SO IRRITATING. D: His thrashing and screaming and yeah... I was also afraid the skinny white jesus haired guitarists pants were going to fall off, and it seemed like he was going to moon us for a bit, traumatizing shit. 8D

Anyways, after FTM finally left, there was a long break where they set up Dir en grey's equipment... Archer left to get out of the pit and get a better spot to see Die from, and I don't blame her. At the beginning, our spot was shitty. x.x There was this bunch of tall tall guys that were right in our way. And they all intended to mosh. :S Archer got out, but we stuck it out... figuring with crowd surges we could get up closer. This did happen thankfully. I think the first surge happened when they were testing out GDS, and everyone thought the show was starting, but it wasn't. XD And then Shinya's monster drumset was unveiled and everyone pressed forward again. I lost my poster somewhere in there somewhere... :x but at least it wasn't signed.

When the band came out, I could see Kaoru ('s bust) very well, Kyo if I got on tiptoes and looked around people, and Die kinda sorta. 8D Was kinda crappy. But they went into their first song, Fatal believer, and the craziness ensued. The pit kinda... swayed from side to side. Like waves. As people pressed forward, were crushed, and then had to press back. XD It was crazy. I stayed on my feet luckily, and thanks to my 4 inch boots, I didn't get my feet stomped on. I was clinging to whoever was in front of me too, and I was good. XD People started passing out right away. I feel sorry for anyone who was much shorter than me (without the boots) because really, you could NOT breathe. Between those, and the crazies that lined up for hours and hours and were dehydrated before the show even began. Kyo began the set, standing up on his riser, hands together like he was praying, eyes closed. It was surreal.

Kaoru was wearing Toshiya's shirt from the It Withers and Withers dvd... a skin tight grey top with a deep scoop neck. And jeans I think. XD Toshiya had on a white tshirt? Die was wearing a jean jacket... and he kept it the whole show, even though it was sweltering in there. @.@ And Kyo was wearing a tshirt with a leather jacket.. which lasted all of like 2 songs. XD He had on a NICE NICE pair of jeans. And I also thought he had grown some facial hair down his chin... until after the show and I remembered the story that he'd fallen down the stairs and cracked his chin in Canada... and I think actually, it was a cut down the center of his chin. @.o (Edit: No, its hair. XD)

Second song was The Final. And then it really got brutal as everyone recognized the song and went nuts. Everyone sang along and stuff, and headbanged like crazy. XD At the end however... Kaoru threw out a pick, and it came RIGHT to me. I didn't catch it, but it hit my hand and fell to the ground. I fell down after it and slapped my hand down on it, but this BITCH got down, straddled my hand with her thighs, and started CRUSHING it. WTF?! I tried to work my other hand under her legs to get at it but she beat me to it and she stole the pick. Fucking bitch. And because we'd been on the ground, security shone a light down on us because they thought we'd passed out (Kari thought I had too XD) And she started screaming about how I was stealing her pick, and was beating her. 8DDDD I got back up, elbowed her fucking hard, and moved over to where Kari had started worming towards Kyo. That pissed me the hell off... but I got over it. Mostly.

I can't remember the setlist for the life of me. 8D; They played Grief. It was towards the beginning and it was awesome, as Kyo actually said 'Fuck OFF' live. XD Kyo also would sing between songs... the first time he did it I thought he was sobbing, but it was actually the lyrics to the next song they did. Powerful. And it pissed me off when people would scream during it. D:

But anywho, after a handful of songs, I was probably 4/5 people in front of Kyo..... But I was actually closer to him there than I was to Kaoru at FVT (when we were against the barrier front row by him) because of the intense pressure from the rear. So it was more like 2/3 row in a more polite crowd, and considering the much larger gap between the stage and the crowd at fvt... yeah.

After we got there, the tightness was intense, we were in Kyo's splash zone, and there was no escaping. XD There was this tiny asian girl next to me, and her boyfriend was with her... and she was all but passed out and I seriously thought she needed to get out, if you're under 5ft you definitely can't breathe. x.x Not to mention she couldn't see shit.

Anywho, at one point, I can't remember which song, Kyo held his mic over his head by the chord... and Licked it. And kissed it. And all around molested it. Like it was something other than a mic. The screaming was crazy at that. XD He also did his sexy dancing... I was so glad I was so close to him. He also pulled out a razor at some point, and slashed the side of his stomach. @.@ Deeply. I watched the shiny blood drip down. It amazed me because his chest looked so smooth and supple, not all scratched up and used to it like at FVT. And he ripped that up like hell. 8D He didn't tear at his mouth though, which surprised me a bit, but I can't say I'm disappointed.

Lessee... where to continue. XD The pit was violent like I said. Any connection you made outside with other diru fans or waiting during the opening bands, was shattered to pieces the moment they came on stage. I got so many people coming up behind me, trying to beat their way in front of me, and I didn't allow most of them to do so, fucking bitches. XD Most were female too. Wanting to be up close and personal in front of Kyo or something. Pissed me off that this one bitch, who we'd chatted with a bit during the opening bands just HAD to worm her way in front of me to just... STAND there. She didn't sing, she didn't headbang, she didn't flail, she didn't jump, she just stood there. Like a fucking lump. I was smacking her around with my arms. XDDD

The last song of the main set was Obscure. *___* That was the first Diru song I heard that i liked. I nearly cried. 'Cept then the pit went fucking nuts. And crying was no longer an option. It was more like fending for my life. XD Kyo went cross eyed in the beginning, and then danced for us later on during a verse. Fucking awesome.

It was also awesome, they were watering the pit from time to time as it was sweltering, and Kari caught a waterbottle with her.. boobs. I turned around, pulled it out, and started gulping. XD Then gave her the rest of course. >> It wa nice though, I (and everyone else) was pouring sweat, and the pit was not a very nice smelling place. Some people didn't bother with the coat check either. Which was only nice because they were more solid to grab onto when the pit started surging again. XD

After the main set, they left and the roadies started to pretend to put their shit away. And of course they came back after a while, and THAT's when the crowd really started getting crazy. Everyone wanted a last chance to be right in front of Kyo again or something. They started the encore with Jesus Christ RnR, which was fucking awesome. Except a mosh pit broke out right behind us. XD I got smacked in the back and got an elbow to the head once, but Kari turned around and started decking people. <3 They also did IIID Empire, and Kyo ended it screaming FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK like at the end of Lie Buried with a Vengence. XD They also did either C or Beautiful Dirt (And the other in the main set) And finished with Clever Sleazoid. I and everyone else screamed the lyrics. XD I couldn't BREATHE by then, and was actually relieved it was ending so I could get out shortly. XD

Kyo got his RAPE ME bucket, and I laughed because it's actually painted on professionally and shit... not just scrawled on like at FVT. The black was all chipped off though, he's been abusing it quite a bit. He also tore up the stage, his riser at least and his mic stand at some point. XD

Kyo spit water on us. Toshiya spit water on us. Kari got Kyo backwash in her eye. XD They threw out picks and waterbottles and stuff, and sadly I couldn't see the picks until they were like on top me. A Toshiya one came near me and no one got it, and i spent some time on the floor looking for it, and lot of other people did too....but no one came out with it. :'( I don't know where it ended up, I didn't see anyone get it. XD Shinya's drumstick flew over my head and someone near me got it somewhere... And the guy in front of me got Kyo's waterbottle. XD

Tentative Setlist (I will edit as I see other people's):

The Fatal Believer
The Final
Agitated Screams of Maggots
Kodoku ni Shisu, Yue ni Kodoku
Itoshisa wa Fuhai ni Tsuki
Dead Tree
Merciless Cult
Ryoujoku no Ame


Jesus Christ RnR
IIID Empire
Beautiful Dirt
Clever Sleazoid

Once everything was settled and they left, me and Kari's first move was to head to the bar because we were PARCHED. You could tell who had been in the pit, and who hadn't... we looked like we had showered in our clothes, and so did pretty much everyone else who came out with us. XD The first bar was closed, so we went to the other and were happy to find them giving away free water. I then watched as Kari blinked, and swooped down on something on the floor and... 8D 8D 8D She found a Toshiya pick that had been missed. <3 Sweet.

We then went around to coat check again (hellish line) to retrieve our coats, and I went around to merch to get another poster... but they were sold out of everything but stickers and cds. D:. Glad I went first then. XD I also picked up a free Bleed the Dream from the band... and Fair to Midland shoved a sticker in my hand. XD Kari got the coats and we headed out, running into Archer in the lobby. We stumbled back to the hotel, the sky still dumping snow down on us. @.@ We were giddy so the snow and wind and slush and fun things like that were nothing. XD And the cold was refreshing.

We then got back at the hotel... and I made three phone posts... >> I had a great time though, violent hostile pit and all. XD It seems my violent side was brought out too, so I was able to survive, and survive happily. XD I told Kari afterwards we deserve like... Tshirts. 'I survived the pit at Dir en grey!' and we were in the Kyo-insanity area to boot. XD

We found out weather was horrendous... and decided we were gonna stay another day. And I'm glad I did. I called into work today, and talked to my higher supervisor, because my direct one hadn't made it into work. @.@; I told her I was in Chicago, and was supposed to be coming home today... and she cut me off, "But you're going to stay there where it's safe instead right?" 8D So that tells you how shitty it is out. We're going to head home tomorrow hopefully.

Short story: Snow sucks. Snow sucks a lot. Diru rocked. I had Kaoru's pick stolen from my hand. >( Kari found Toshiya's later though. Was about 4/5 rows in front of Kyo. Survived. Watched many people pass out. Had a fucking awesome time!

And I shall now wrap this up before Archer goes nuts and rips my head off for taking so so long on her comp. >> << woo!
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