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The complete, detailed fangirly live report:

So.. the whole fiasco more or less started Saturday when my friend Archer ([livejournal.com profile] archer_moonstar) arrived from Illinois. Once my roommate Kari ([livejournal.com profile] kasandara_yuy) Got off work we headed to the mall and got ... hair dye. 8D. And we're both redheads now. Bright redheads. Anywho, after a late night, and little sleep, we got up Sunday feeling... dead. Regardless, we got dressed up in our Dir en grey shirts and got ready to go (3 1/2 inch platforms are ♥ :D they allowed me to see very much more than I would have otherwise) Anywho, we left here around 12:30, picked up my brother and his friend, and left for the venue. Doors opened at 1 pm, we got there around 1:30 and it was still practically empty, especially compared to what we saw later. Gathered everything up and left.

First things first we headed for the FYE booth to get the wrist bands, and we were found instead by a guy working for them, with a box of Dir en grey, signed cds. XD We picked up those, with the bracelets and headed to see the pit! We got there before any bands had started and just checked it out, finding it pretty empty. We headed back out to get drinks, to hopefully tide us over till later. We heard Walls of Jericho while we were sitting out there and err... no loss. 8D The guy we bought the soda from was even making fun of them. XD We discovered Diru played at 5:05, and also that Bullets and Octane (aka the guys Diru was hanging out with) were on next. We headed into the pit around 2:30 to see them...

First thing we find in the mostly-empty pit is... more Diru fans! Who were gawking at a bit of red hair they could see over the speakers on the right side of the stage. Someone said another guy from another band had hair just like Die, so it wasn't him, but I moved over more so I could get a better glimpse... and I spotted the tattoo on the hand.. IT WAS SO DIE! I pointed it out to the rest, and someone screamed his name, and Die DUCKED. XD I was amazed, as I'm not personally a huge Die fan, that he was BEAUTIFUL in person. A gorgeous man. @.@ Even without any makeup of any sort.

Next thing I know, this random girl with δΊ¬ written on her face grabs my arm and drags me over to the left side of the pit, babbling something about seeing Kyo... I look up and THERE HE WAS, walking up from backstage, and those girls freaked out, screaming his name and he looked and SMILED at us. Holy Hell. The man is TINY and GORGEOUS and ADORABLE and so so BLOND. I think that's when it finally sunk in for me that we were actually SEEING them.

Of course during all of this, Bullets and Octane were playing. They were decent enough, the singer liked to pretend he's Scott Weiland, but musically they were decent. Of course after that point I was standing on the left side of the pit, gawking backstage, hoping for ANY glimpse of ANYONE. A little later Die returned with Toshiya and stood on the right again. Now Toshiya... despite all the unflattering pictures you see from time to time, he's also just beautiful. He was wearing TIGHT tight jeans, and my god, he has REALLY nice legs. And a cute little ass... >>;

Anywho, after Bullets and Octane, Deadsy came on... and my opinion of them was they flat out sucked. I didn't enjoy them at all. In fact, I began to wish I had brought ear plugs. 8D I focused instead on what we could see of backstage from the part in the curtain. I believe during this band, we caught our first glimpse of Shinya, walking up for a moment to look out, and once again, he's as gorgeous as in pictures, and OMG so skinny. He was wearing flared jeans, and looked like those anorexic girls who wear 00 jeans and they're still baggy... XD

Anywho, after Deadsy cleared out, Bury Your Dead was next... and they were the most painful band to endure yet. D: The singer was this angry little (other wise completely normal looking) guy, red in the face, and acting all around enraged. And violent. The music was PAINFUL and I was seriously considering leaving the pit for a while to escape it, as I was thirsty and tired and DEAF, but it had gotten quite full in the time we'd been there, so I had to stick it out to keep my spot... which then was right in front of where Kaoru would be, behind one other guy. Nope, not giving that up. Toshiya came out on our side of the stage during Bury Your Dead, and smiled at our group, and we got a perfect view of the wonderful teef. :B If there's any rumor that he's gotten them fixed, I can assure you it's completely false. Anywho, Bury Your Dead got a bit SCARY when this one guitarist, who'd spin his guitar around himself from time to time... had his guitar strap BREAK, and his guitar flew into the vocalist's back. @.o Ouch. The guitarist got a look of pure hatred and death, and for a second I thought we were going to witness a nice onstage fight. 8D Luckily the guy had enough control to just move on, but they were encouraging the audience all the same and some moshing broke out over to our right... not much though, it died down after a bit, and no one who didn't want to be involved got pulled in. Whatever. I was thankful that our side seemed mostly sane and calm. Oh, Bury Your Dead had this NASTY guitarist, who I cannot describe as anything other than VILE and DISGUSTING, who'd spit water on the audience, and I was in dire fear of getting his filth on me. D: Luckily he didn't spit directly at us, but he fucking TAUNTED us with a full mouth of water. lkJDflkjsgksjk EW.

After Bury Your Dead finally left, 10 Years was next. And of the 4 bands we watched they were by far the best. The vocalist came out with an eskimo jacket, hood up, and bright yellow rubber boots.. 8D Lolz. He was rather crazy, but in a good way. Of course by now I was DYING. Was dehydrated and my feet hurt, and the idiot girl who'd tugged me over was now behind me and grabbing onto my shirt (and BRA >O) to keep balance and was smacking me in the head with her arms as she flailed... so I was irritated as well... I had half a mind to just leave anyways for a few minutes to get some WATER and refresh myself so I could fully enjoy Diru, cause I was afraid my experience would be ruined by how shitty I felt, but I toughed it out.

By now, Diru was all gathered on the left side of the stage backstage with their equipment, and we saw KAORU for the first time. >) We'd seen this other guy first, who looks a LOT like Kaoru, has his cheekbones and all, and up close, he looked like a young Kaoru, but he was just a roadie... we speculated if Kaoru has a younger brother. XD 10 Years last song was Wasteland, and the singer insisted we ALL sing along, and this was the first time I actually enjoyed myself, because I actually KNEW this song. It was also the first time that the pit was REALLY energetic, and most people seemed to be into it. Awesome. That was a good time, and a good pump up for what was to come.

After 10 Years cleared the stage, I immediately grabbed Kari's arm and asked the guy in front of me if he'd trade us places, since he'd just been nodding along with the bands, probably just waiting for Korn and such, and he agreed. >) Front row, directly in front of Kaoru, just a few feet from his mic.. scored. The girls by us decided it was a brilliant idea to try to chant 'Dir en grey' for the 10 minutes that the roadies set up the stage... which yeah... didn't happen. Kaoru was seen laughing at them backstage though. XD Finally, after Shinya's drumset was set up, the Dir en grey banner unfurled... and GDS started up, I was PUMPED. We yelled 'kill!' along with Kyo, the girls finally catching on with us after a bit..

The band minus Kyo came out all at once, and we SPAZZED. I was surrounded on both sides by Diru fans, plus there were more down by Kyo and Die, and I just GAPED at Kaoru... he's every bit as sexy in real life as in pictures, even more so really. And a few moments later, out came Kyo and he GLARED at us for a bit... he looked so threatening, I thought for a second that someone had done something to piss him off, but he did his usual 'FUCKER' and GDS melted right into Saku.

From my spot, I had the most perfect view of Kaoru possible, and Toshiya was just a bit over, also awesome, and Kyo past that. I could see Die if I looked past Kyo (didn't happen often sadly...) and I glanced at Shinya once or twice. I was right in front of Kaoru's speakers, so naturally, I HEARD him the best, and sometimes (probably due to my half deaf state) I couldn't hear Kyo, but even though he's a tiny tiny man, his stage presence is INCREDIBLE. You could credit that fact while watching dvds to the fact that the camera is on him a lot, but it remains true in real life. Even though I was directly in front of Kaoru (and I did pay him a lot of attention too, as well as Toshiya X3) I spent most of the time watching Kyo.

As for outfits, Kaoru was wearing a Walls of Jericho T-shirt and black jeans... (ew @ band D:) Toshiya was wearing a kiss T-shirt and tight TIGHT Jeans And black and white Checkered undies... Kyo was wearing the usual black pants and a black button up shirt, which didn't last long. And black Calvin Kleins Die, I can't remember his shirt, as he was on the other side, but he was wearing greenish khaki pants and boots in which the pants were tucked. Shinya, a black sleeveless shirt, and flared Jeans. They all looked GOOD. And Die has no ass in person either. XD;

Anyways, Saku was a blur to me as they played, we were all singing along. It was followed by Spilled Milk, and Kyo was already unbuttoning his shirt. It was so awesome seeing Kaoru headbanging right up there in front of me, that's one thing I've always liked about him... how it's totally full body, hair everywhere, yet he can stand back up and look perfect again afterwards... AND HE TOTALLY DID IT TOO. Got to see the full sleeve on his left arm, and the bat tattoo on his neck. Looks SO AWESOME. Kyo's tattooes were also neat in person. Die's, I only got a glimpse from far away, so I can't really judge.. but it really didn't look as hideous as I initially thought.

At some point early on, Kyo pulled at something with his teeth (safety pin? blood capsule? Judging from what I've seen on dvds I think it was the latter but whatever) And shortly after started clawing at his stomach, with a safety pin, producing blood. It was... enthralling... I've watched him do it 39473947 times before, but in person, you just can't break your eyes away... I heard that some of the non-fans in the pit were shocked... 'omg is he bleeding?!!' I guess we as fans are just used to it.. it was to be expected. XD He then proceeded to run his hand down his stomach and rub the blood into his lower belly... licking his lips the whole time. My god, it was SEXY. A little later he climbed up on his little red box thing, and started tearing the fuck out of his mouth... again, I couldn't help but blatently stare. He threw his head back and there was blood (Judging from the color compared to his stomach, it was fake, definitely fake) over his face, and THAT got attention too from the non-fans. I think one of the most mesmerizing parts is when he does that glare.. the slightly insane one, eye twitching, and it turns into a grin almost. He's so expressive.

Between songs somewhere, when they were all changing guitars, and Kyo was taking a little break down in front of the drums for a drink, and the pit was going nuts, Kaoru turned back around all of a sudden, us cheering for him, and he posed, fists up, his signature mighty pose. >) And he kinda smirked down at us, that Kaoru 'fuck yes I fucking rock you all' look. It was so awesome. XD During a song then, he got down, right on the edge of the stage in front of us and headbanged like mad, then Toshiya came up next to him and they exchanged a look and he had his go right up front. We screamed for him and he grinned at us, cue second glance of the fucked up teeth. XDD <3 Sadly Die stayed on his side of the stage... I wish they could have switched around, but oh well. We had talked previously, and if we EVER got to see them, we'd always wanted to be right in front of Kaoru and/or Kyo.

When they did Merciless cult (yes, I forgot that in the original setlist, but I'm almost positive now that they did it) Kaoru roared into the mic for his part. XD And because we were practically ON his speaker, we heard him loud and clear, and pumped our fists for him.

Ryoujoko no Ame was incredible live. We were all singing along, and Kyo spazzed out at the end. Dead Tree, he let us sing the build up to his screaming, 'Nobody wants the presents' XD In some of the videos I made you can hear our screaming loud and clear and err... damn we're awful. Clever Sleazoid was FUN. And Kyo, in all his glory, has more or less aced 'One day I will fuck your parents.' And RIGHT at the end of the song, Kaoru tossed out a pick, and it went over to my right, over Kari's head, who was RIGHT NEXT TO ME but she was so busy staring at Kyo she didn't notice. XD Oh well. It went to this girl we met who had known Diru since they were la:sadies... wow.

Last song was IIID empire, with no announcment of 'LAST SONG!' But we headbanged and sang along as best we could. At the end, Kyo grabbed his signature bucket, which had 'Don't fuck with me!' written on it, threw the water on himself and the crowd and donned it, and I snapped a pic (see previous post) He then hurled it to his left, not into the audience though, and then attacked his red box, and THREW it into Shinya's drums. Shinya looked completely unfazed though. Die tossed out a pick over on his side, and Shinya threw out his drumsticks, and this girl behind me caught one... only to have it ripped away from her by force by this asshole guy. Bastard.

Anywho, once they were gone we hurried out to find the meet and greet, and it took a bit of effort (no one seemed to know where it was) but when we got there we lined up, waiting for about half an hour to forty-five minutes. Archer had picked up two autographed cds, one for herself and one for Britti, and we noticed that on all of ours, Die had signed his name just as that, 'Die' but the other girls from the pit had ones signed 'Dai' and even one as 'D@i.' We thought Britti might like a Dai one so I took the extra cd and went to barter, and the girls happily agreed, claiming that the 'Dai' ones looked forged... >_> Okaaaay...

When it hit 6:30, there was suddenly this mad screaming, and I looked to see who was coming, but all I could see over the people/fence were... what looked like two security/roadie people and a guy with a camcorder. I was so confused, not seeing a Diru member, and I thought for a moment that it was just the camera, and they were filming us for them or something, but lo and behold, when I could finally see the table again, there sat KYO. He was so goddamned tiny we couldn't see him over the other heads. X3 He was back into his black shirt and wore a bowler over his hair. I went into slight shock, I hadn't even HOPED to meet Kyo, I was for sure it'd be like... Die and Shinya as they've been doing them so much.. or at least some combination of Kaoru/Toshiya/Die/Shinya, I had only let myself hope a little for Kaoru. @.@ The line moved fast once he was there, people were giving him gifts, and I just watched... he looked so small, so fragile, so unbelievably CUTE. I'm glad it went fast though, I was able to keep my sanity, and when I shook his hand, I told him 'Otsukaresama deshita' and received a soft little 'hai' in response. XD His hand was TINY, no bigger than mine, but he has such long elegant fingers. I can still feel his grip, even a day later. XD It was firm, but his skin was soft. And his VOICE. Even though I've heard him talk before, it floored me all over again how soft and quiet and high pitched his speaking voice is compared to his singing voice. Gyah. And the man could EASILY pass as like... 23/24 All of them look incredible. Hell, Kaoru, 32, could pass as being in his early 20's.

After we got through, I ran into my brother and it was time to go home... which really I don't regret, because I heard then about the madness during Stone Sour. 8D Apparently the lawn no longer has any grass.. because it was ripped out in chunks and flung everywhere. A girl in my Japanese class today had video footage of it cause she was there, and my god.. it was like it was raining dirt and shit. 8D WAY TO GO.

But yes, back on topic. While I've been a Dir en grey fan for about 3 years, lately my interest has been spreading to other things, and Dir en grey had taken a bit of a back seat, but this concert, this experience, MEETING the man who has been my idol for so long, has totally renewed everything about them in my eyes. <3 My favorite band has retaken their throne. I only pray they come again, some place fairly close.
Anyways... yes... I think it's time to die. I can't believe I wrote so much, and cookies to anyone who actually read it all. XD I just wanted to preserve this experience as much as possible.

Kari and Archer, feel free to add to/amend/correct anything if you think it needs it.

If anyone got any good pics from this show, let me know. I'd LOVE to see them.

BEST VIDEO EVAR Bullets and Octane are great, if only for their tour videos, esp this one... XD Die so got smashed after the concert last night. CAUSE HE'S A FUCKING ROCKSTAR BITCH! XD YEY FOR INDY! They appeared to have a good time AND ZOMG WE WERE RIGHT OUT THERE YOU CAN HEAR US SCREAMING WHEN KYO AND TOSHIYA ARE ON THE SIDE OF THE STAGE KSJFLKEJI#( That video made the rest of my night XD <3333333333333

Now off to bed... My videos, while they're mostly good picture wise, have horrible horrible sound thanks to the deafening-ness of the pit. I've got em converted and will probably upload tomorrow! :D

Buah. *dies now*
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